Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh God we gave a 10 month old a weapon!

I haven't blogged in awhile because of Kael surgery. I have been busy running after a 10 month old with a giant cast on his arm. We pretty much attached a weapon to his hand! But here is the low down on how the day went. I promise I will never use the phrase LOW Down again. I hate it!

Surgery day

So here’s how the day went

1 am- gave Kael his last bottle because you have to starve your child before surgery. Crappy but it must be done

5:45 am -I wake up, shower and pack diaper bag.

6:30 am- wake Kael, dress Kael, Jam him in his car seat hoping he doesn’t realize he didn’t have a bottle. (He didn’t) drive to hospital morning rush hour sucks.

7:40 am -Still driving! Lost! Damn it!

8:00 am- Back on track

8:10 am - Finally at the hospital, Kael still hasn’t realized he hasn’t ate good!

8:30am-check in. Sit in a chair and wait.

9:00 am -Still waiting Kael plays in a little house

9:30am- This wait is going to kill me, Kael still hasn’t realized he hasn’t eaten he flirts’ with every nurse that walks by or any female for that matter.

10:00am- I realize I should have brought the stroller with me. Dam I’m an idiot sometimes.

10:30am- This was suppose to be when he was in surgery but no instead the surgeon comes out and tells us that he’s running late it might be another 2 hours.

11:00 am- Cranky, hungry and pissed off baby shows him self. I can’t blame him. I distract him with my IPod.

11:30 am A nurse come out, We bring him in and weight him, get a gown and discuss the various medication’s he’s on. The nurse gives him some Tylenol and we are told to back into the waiting area until 11:45.

11:45 am- We are brought back in to the day surgery recover and told to wait for the Anastasias to come. The nurses bring Kael a yellow duck to play with.

12:30 pm- Kael feel asleep in my arms. The Anastasias comes and discuses his medical history. He takes Kael while he is still asleep that relives me I had vision of them taking him away while he was kicking and screaming. He will sleep then they will put him to sleep and he will never have to know I was gone.

12:35 pm I went to the cafeteria to eat some lunch while I wait.

12:50pm2:30pm I sit in the waiting room boring!!

2:35 pm- the surgeon comes out tells me everything went well and I can see him in 15 minutes.

3:00pm- I finally see my baby he’s freaking out. It was like he was drunk. He had one asthma attack, nothing a little flovent can’t fix. He also puked all over and IPod but material things can be replaced.

6:00 pm- Home safe and sound!

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