Sunday, August 9, 2009

A trip to the ER!

So Saturday Kael and I had to make a little trip to the ER.

The down side of moving away from home is the Kael is two hours away from the doctors that care for him , i.e. his GP, his pediatrician, his surgeon, his heart specialist and any doctor that has taking care of him.

So when he sparked a fever and couldn't poo and was screaming in pain, I took him to the ER.

Canadian ER's work like this, you walking in with your health card you see a triage nurse who accesses the severity of the situation then you head to registry where you are registered and then you go and sit and wait. The sickest are seen first.

Kael was apparently deemed sickest as are wait was about 15 minutes. There were old people and young babies and people with broken legs people with head contusions and Kael was still the sickest and was called in first. But I guess when you have a fever and a child with belly pains they take no chances.

I am thankful for the Canadian health care system it’s not the best but its alright I could be American and have to pay to wait.

When we saw the doctor he assessed Kael, prescribed some medicine for constipation.

He found and infection over a tooth which was accountable for the fever.

He will be fine in a few days!


  1. Ugh. Just walking into an ER costs us $100, and I've got what's considered to be good health coverage >:(

    Glad Kael's going to be fine. That's scary stuff.

  2. The best health coverage is Free!

    I consider it a privilege to be born in a country with free health care.