Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have been absent from my blog for many reasons.

First and the one the started it all was when Kael got sick.

It started Tuesday.
3 Tuesdays ago
Kael woke up with a fever.
I medicated him with some Tylenol
The fever subsided
For the rest of the day
I put him to bed at 7:30pm
He sleeps peacefully, or so I thought
Some was brewing beneath the calm
At 1:30 am he awoke
He just needed a snuggle and back to bed
1:45 I went to bed
2:00 I heard a blood curdling scream over the monitor
I thought someone was harming my child
I ran into his room pick my crying child from his crib
I inspected him
Nothing seem to be wrong
He started grunting
I realized his stomach was rock hard
Constipation I thought
I settled him and he went back to sleep
Or so I thought
We were awake every ten minute interval
Or the same thing screaming, grunting, settle then sleep
That happened until 6 am
When I decided it was something much more the simple constipation
We headed to the local ER
Arrived at the ER
Then rushed him through right into a private room
His Oxygen states were low his hear rate was high
He was screaming in pain
They gave him drug to calm him
Then started on the test
Urine test
Blood test
Chest x ray
Belly X-ray
Belly ultra sound
Heart ultra sound

After seeing a barrage of doctors
They gave us freighting news
His intestines were knuckling
Or folding in on them self
They wanted to do surgery
Or we could wait and see if they would return to normal after the night
I opted to wait
If they remained folded for longer then 12 hours he would die
Thankfully he came out of it after 8 hours
What caused this is the problem
The doctors had no idea
They said it was possible a combo of thing
Along with a viruses
Swollen stomach glands
Step throat
Two ear infection
Possible dairy allergy

Today his is doing well, almost back to his old self
We have officially taken dairy out of his diet
And increased the dose of his inhalers.

2. The other reason I haven’t been blogging lately is because I have returned back to school. I am in the law a justice program.
But this blog isn’t about me
So enjoy some pictures of my wonderful son:


  1. ohmygosh!!!! i read this with bated breath... i'm so sorry you had to endure that... and your poor sweet boy... wow.

    not sure how familiar with the background of my blog, but it really all started because of my son's allergy to my breast milk. given all the specialists we saw and tests we had run on him, i am well aware of how the intestines can flip and what that can mean for a little one...

    my thoughts are with you and i hope for a good recoop for you all.

  2. Scary! I've never even heard of this before. Glad to hear he's doing well again though.... and good luck with school!