Monday, September 28, 2009

NOT me Monday

MckMama's got all the rules for "Not Me!"

This is NOT my first post for NOT me Monday.

Yesterday it was NOT my son who pointed a a large women wearing brown and said "cohw". It was NOT my son who proceeded to MOO at her and say "cohw" over and over again, And I certainly did NOT say yes dear "Cows say MOO"

It was NOT me who was running late for school today so I did NOT leave my son in his PJ's and bring him to daycare. It was also was NOT me who gave my son a cookie for breakfast.

It is also NOT me who is neglecting her Law Homework to write a NOT me Monday post.


  1. I don't get the Not Me Monday thing... but if Kael pointed at a big lady and called her a cow... well that's comedy gold right there.

  2. Kael certainly did call a large women a cow.