Tuesday, October 20, 2009

mid-terms and pnemunia

You read that right
my little monkey has pneumonia
it really
really sucks
I am also in smack dab in the middle
of mid-terms
Kael is a coughing wheezy boy
his tempt drops and rises
he vomited all over me this morning
which promptly followed by this gross
brown and green Flem Delicious!
7 days of three new drug on top of the two he get for asthma
yep that 5 different drugs three times a day
and I am still finding time to study finish assignments and clean
and do the laundry
but sleep not so much
next week is reading week
i will have time to post more stuff
like my brothers wedding
which Sir Kael was a ring bearer in
Pictures to come
next week

for now enjoy the slide show that i made for my bros reception

ignore the poor quality original was much better

1 comment:

  1. Five pills, three times a day? UGH... Hope he gets healthy soon. And good luck on your exams.