Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Day

Today was
the day
Today was the day Kael
had his
Cystic Fibrosis test

It took three tries
to collect enough sweat
we spent three hours
in the hospital.

The first attempt was at 10:30am
Once the collector
was in place around his arm
we were sent to the cafeteria
to get my baby running around
and that he did
he does that best
the first attempt
some sweat
was collected but not enough.

The second attempt was at 11:25am
once again we were sent to get
the little one running he
was tired
so not much running was done
we when to get the rest of the sweat we needed
and there was none
epic fail

The third attempt was at 12:35pm
Third times a charm
this time i bundled him up
in his buggy
and walk around the hospital
Fortunately there was enough
sweat to finish the test.

So its been done and now
we wait......
till Friday.......

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