Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow pops and a bat!!

So MckMama made these wonderful looking snow pops.So I thought I would give it a try after all I did graduate from culinary school. the picture below is my version, much bigger, I call them snow balls. They tasted yummy, but baking isn't my thing and well I was seriously distracted by the picture below!

Yes thats a bat distracting me from concentrating on my snow pops.

I am still freaked out by this thing even though its not in my house any more!!!
I woke up yesterday to find this hang off a door way!

Kael thought is was a new pet. I told him it was a Bat and it was unwanted!

He replied "EEP mum eep tha tat" which translate to "Keep Mum keep the bat"

He also learned a new word "mine mine mine"

He thought it was a late christmas gift!!

To Kaels dismay the bat left when grandpa came and took it away!

now he looks up at the doorway and goes "tat tat tat"

I am glad to be rid of the creature!!!


  1. Oh no! Oh no, what would I do if a bat were in my house.....eeep!

  2. baking is not really my thing, either. But, mostly because I have no self control, so I try not to bake very often..."oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?..why, yes, I think so!" you get the idea...

    oh my, that bat would have freaked me out! I probably would have run out of my house and not returned till someone removed it. The photo alone is giving me the willies!