Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to!!!

How to teach your toddler to eat with a spoon!

Step 1

Spoon food into a bowl in front of your toddler. Hand him one spoon while you keep another.

Step 2

Let your baby play with the spoon while you use your own to feed the toddler. If thy decide to put the spoon in the food as well, let them.

Step 3

Fix yourself a small bowl of food to eat in front of your toddler. Make sure he also has a bowl and spoon in front of them. Watching you eat will show them what to do. Even if he doesn't understand how to scoop, simply touching the spoon to food will transfer food to his mouth.

Step 4

Place one piece of dry cereal on your toddler' s spoon. This will teach her the right way to hold the spoon without dropping it's contents. Using dry cereal is much less stressful than using liquid.

Step 5

Pour some soup into a bowl. Give your toddler the bowl and a baby spoon. Let him use the spoon to transfer liquid from the bowl to his mouth.

Step 6

practice practice practice!!!

Kael is 19 months and almost always uses his spoon for eating!


  1. LOL- that's cute. I like how you eat along with your son- good idea:) Just found you from MckForum and wanted to say hi!

  2. We just gave Tyler a spoon and let him figure it out. He's really good with a spoon and a fork, but sometimes gets frustrated and will grab a piece of chicken or some corn with his hands. Glad Kael's doing well with utensils as well.