Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!

May your Valentines day be filled with love and Joy!


  1. My wife and I always comment at how we really lucked out and have a truly cute kid. A couple nights ago, I said "You have GOT to see this kid, Kael. He's a few weeks older than Tyler and he's friggin' adorable!!!"

    I pulled up your site and the wife OOGLED over your little man for a long time.

  2. as a mom of a preemie i just want to say your son looks great. how early was he. my last daughter weighed 2.12

  3. He was two months early, his biggest problem is his lungs we underdeveloped, he also had a heart murmur, which was fixed at birth. We still struggle with his lungs and a dairy intolerance but other than that he is strong.