Monday, March 8, 2010

Airport Mistake

Since there is no not me Monday I'll just tell you what happened Sunday!

Sunday Kael and I went to the airport to pick up Grandma and Grandpa B.

According to there email they would be arriving at 10:15am at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

So we left the house at 8:30am and Arrive at the Airport at 10am, 15min early!

So we find international arrivals and we take a seat to wait and Kael runs around been as cute as can be.

So a few planes have arrived and people have came and gone and still not Gram and Grap.

By now it 10:30, So I figure maybe they got the time wrong and I try to call Auntie C.

No answer at the house I try a few more time, still no answer, I thought she was still sleeping,

So I wait some more thinking ok maybe they were held up getting there bags.

Now it 11:30, I keeping call and calling Auntie C.

Never getting a answer.

Finally I get through to Auntie C. (probably spent about 50$ on phone calls)

She give me the flight number.

I go to Information

the man looks at me like I am retarted and tells me I am in the wrong Terminal and need to go to terminal 3.

I said I thought all international flight come into one terminal he looks at me and says sorry lady but we changed that a while a go.

So Freaking annoying.

YEP I spent two hours in the wrong terminal with a toddler.

Airports are fun! NOT!!!

We found Grandma and Grandpa in terminal 3 at 12pm a full 2hours after they had landed!

And for your enjoyment Some pictures.................................


  1. Kael is adorable with his binky! This is hilarious, so NOT something I would also do. LOL