Monday, March 15, 2010

Photos of Kael!

As promised Photos of Kael on his 21 month birthday!

These photo were taken by CATSMAC Photography, and re-edit by me.

I payed 10$ for three poses and she sent me 7, which is amazing because I could never afford a professional to take photos for me! Thank you Cathy at CATSMAC Photography!
Also these photo were taken at the better baby expo in my town!


  1. Yep thats my fav too, it's his eyes!

  2. MINE TOO :) Where do you live? I will take pics of that beautiful boy :)

  3. I would be thrilled if you would take his pictures but unfortunately I live in Ontario Canada.

  4. He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! In a very studly, manly way. ;O)

  5. Your son is GORGEOUS! Love the pics!