Sunday, March 7, 2010


"So where did you spend your Friday Jackie?"

I don't know blog readers?

Does this picture give you a hint?

Not my legs by the way!

M's legs, remember Kael's Dad!

Well he rolled his ankle on Thursday night at jujitsu

Friday I took him to emerge to have it x-rayed

6 hours later.....

we find out that it is a double sprain

and sent him home
with orders to stay off it for at least one week

Good luck M ______________________________________________________________

"So what did you do saturday?"

Well blog reader does this give you a hint?

That's right I gave Kael a haircut!

And yes I cut it myself saves lots of money! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So what did you do Sunday?"

Well blog readers you'll have to wait for not me Monday!

The haircut pictures might give you a hint

but not likely but they were taken on Sunday at the location of not me Monday


  1. Cute haircut, wish I had enough talent to cut Nathan's...It would save alot of money!!!

  2. oh my gosh his hair is too cute...

  3. Hey there!
    I saw you commented in my MckForum discussion about the blog makeover. I just wanted to clarify that you have to go to the giveaway site and leave a comment to enter. Good luck!
    Lovely blog you have!