Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toddler Friendly!

I recently purchased the iphone!

And I love it.

So does Kael.

It's very toddler friendly.

I downloaded some apps for him

along with some Sesame street videos.

It works out great for trips

to the hospital which lately have become

some what of a frequent thing

Kael has had some lung problems

croup and asthma

and maybe some strep throat

possible chest infection

but the iphone

has worked out well

in keeping him distracted

overall I give it a 9 out of 10.

I bought it to replace the phone

that may or may not been put in the

toilet by a unnamed party!!!!!!!

I have been in no way compensated by apple.

Although if they wanted to I wouldn't object!!


  1. I have been thinking about getting this. I am stuck with Tmobile for another 1 1/2 though. And I would have to pay 200 to get out of the contract. BUT its an amazing idea for hospitals and trips, you are correct. I need to figure out a way to come up with some cash! :)

  2. It definitely worth it I saved for months to get it. Also it helps with keeping facebook and twitter updated while in the hospital.

    There are tones of games,music and apps that are toddler friendly!!

  3. Elmo's Monster Maker!!!! I think it costs $4, but it was well worth it over here. So far, it's the only app I've actually paid for. Tyler also loves to play "shapes" and some of the educational flash card apps.