Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nature is Free!

If your looking for something to do and have no money!
Nature is Free!
Go find yourself a Provincial Park or for those Americans a State Park
and go for a hike. It great for kids of all ages and pets too!
And best of all it cost nothing!

Kael loves it!
and you can snaps so great shots!
Perhaps if your luck your 2 year old will kiss a tree like mine.

There's lots to discover.

Trees of all sizes.

Even tall ones too.

Look up high and see how tall.

Give a tree a Hug.

Stand on a rock.

Pick up a stick.

See a rat, I mean a cute puppy.

Meet new friends.

Run down a hill.

Take a seat!

Read some interesting facts.

Touch some fungus.

Sit on a stump.

As you can tell Kael loves to be outside!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tip, we have tons of state parks around here. My toddler isn't as cooperative for photographs though. Kael is a cutie!