Thursday, October 14, 2010

28 Months!

Late again But only by one day!

That's right Kael is 28 months as of yesterday at 6:50 PM!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rock Jumping and Flower Sniffing

Yesterday afternoon we spent some time at a local park doing some rock jumping and flower sniffing. all in a attempt to wear a busy two year old out.

My daredevil child has no fear of jumping off rocks and although he almost cracked his head once I still let him do it, but stopped him when he tried to jump off a picnic table.

I said to him maybe when your five you can do that. He promptly told me "three more sleeps mommy" "No hunny 3 more years but good math."

Yes my two year old can do basic math.

After rock jumping was complete. we went to do something a little easier on my heart.

Sniff some flowers, although Kael wanted to get right up and close he figured it out pretty quickly.